Your Generation in Concert™ is a live multimedia spectacular celebrating 5 decades of pop, rock, dance and R&B hits. Simply put, this 8-piece band is the world’s finest tribute show.

YGIC transports the audience on a musical tour through the soundtrack of their lives with outstanding musicianship and remarkable vocals. YGIC is an international favorite for corporations, festivals, concerts, private events, and the celebrity set. The group has shared stages with Lenny Kravitz, Flo Rida, Jason Derulo, The Billy Joel Band, Sheryl Crow, Huey Lewis, and more. YGIC’s live production is scalable from the highly popular full-band version, to adding choreographed dancers, choir, and an orchestra for larger productions. YGIC also offers an unplugged version of the show.

In 2010, YGIC was created by orchestra and choir contractor Steve Trudell. Highly respected in the music industry, Trudell contracts musicians and singers globally for musical tours for a diverse roster of artists including, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Josh Groban, Michael Buble’, Billy Joel, Idina Menzel, Disturbed, Cage The Elephant, Il Volo, Dave Chappelle, David Foster, and others. Today, Trudell continues to manage and produce YGIC, working closely with a group of very creative and talented people including Musical Director Brian Lord, and Marketing Director Amanda McDonough.

YGIC is timeless and intergenerational, playing music as diverse as it’s audience. Join us as we rock the world!

Steve Trudell – Producer/Manager

Brian Lord: Guitar, Vocals
Marc Dorian: Keyboard, 
Takashi Iio: Bass, 
Mike Shea: Drums, Vocals

Jordan Rogers: Vocals
Jason Clark: Vocals
Lewis Hensley: Guitar, Vocals
Lloyd Dwayne: Vocals

Offstage Personnel 
Amanda McDonough – Marketing & Office
Marc Nader – Photographer
Jill Zmijewski – Dancer/Choreography
Meghan Ellison – Dancer/Choreography
Stephanie Penner – Dancer/Choreography
Carl Monforte – Sound Engineer
Clifton Chippewa – Hair Stylist
Andrew Postle – Production Manager
Michelle Trudell – Merchandise
Loudbaby – Web Design
Lance Graves – Graphic Design
Gina Corso – Jewelry Design
Popcorn Press – Print Design
Lloyd Dwayne – Vocal Coach